February Folk Day
Saturday 23rd February 2008

I always have a buzz of excitement when approaching Folk Day - so much to do in such a short space of time and so much music to look forward to. It’s a great atmosphere being there early as well, getting the rooms set up and seeing all the planning come together. The organisers all work extremely hard to make sure that everything is as right as it can be to meet everyone's needs: food, drink, seating, music, artists, etc etc and above all the music. This Folk Day seemed to flow as clockwork with everything coming into place with very little fuss and in plenty of time for the opening of the doors. Working in the kitchen through the concert gives you an alternative perspective. While the sound quality is excellent, you can only see the audience, not the stage. Joining in the choruses and songs, open looks of concentration and emotion on their faces, everyone out there was really 'into' it. I got more of a performer’s perspective and one that gave its own very different buzz.
Paul Thompson

I wasn't able to come along during the day but the Ceilidh in the evening was just brilliant and very well attended. The band, This Way Up, was lively and with Martin Harvey calling, giving instructions to the steps of each ce but putting it all across in a very humorous way, it all made for a wonderful atmosphere. Having been to many Ceilidhs in the past, I was pleasantly surprised that I had never come across some of the dances and although some were quite complex to follow, they were well explained and we were given a practice run at each!!
Liz Thompson

Since I’d spent the early part of the day baking scones at home and then helping to sell them (and all the other home cooked food) in the kitchen during the afternoon, it was great to be able to have time in the evening to please myself. Apart from spending enough time in the Ceilidh to stretch more parts of my body than I remembered having, I chose to devote myself to the Folk Club where I had a great time. Apart from singing myself (with The Waite Collective) in what is one of my favourite places in terms of acoustic, I got to hear Full House and Time Bandits blowing away any stray cobwebs from the high ceiling, enjoyed Strawhead doing their thing and laughed my socks off to Quicksilver – Grant and Hilary’s cowboy yodelling song has to be heard to be believed! The rest of the audience seemed to be having a good time too. Roll on May!
Mal Waite

    Pictures by Tony Ballard




Jon Harvison

Full House

Welcomme, Finnan & Chrimes

    The Session in full swing: