February Folk Day 2002

"From The Kitchen Sink" by Mary Clinging
Our FFD begins in earnest a week or two before the event, with planning and shopping:- this year, organic veg organised by Ken Bazley, meats and cheese from Nicholson's deli, bread from Davies', hot dog sausages and crisps from Aldi and pretty well everything else from Tesco. Friday February 22nd - pans and veg arrive with Ken and preparations start. We have lists of everything we need (or so we think) and it is all packed ready before we go down to Community Centre to clean kitchen - just as well as they've been decorating and there's dust everywhere. Saturday February 23rd - arrive around 9.30 am to start soup - automatic ignition won't work. Buy matches when picking up bread, cheese and meat. Things start to take shape. Suddenly it's 12 o'clock and we have customers. Soup, potatoes, rolls, coffee, tea, all in great demand. Roy goes out for an hour and comes back to report that the music and song session is going well.
Concert starts to a background of soup and jacket potato orders but we hear enough to convince us that The Time Bandits were a good choice - the music is infectious. When Graham Bellinger takes over, it's a bit quieter so we can hear his excellent set. More hot dogs, potatoes and rolls disappear. Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman are on stage now and sound to be well on form. Don't suppose they can hear us joining in. Then, making a fine finish to a fine concert, Last Night's Fun with their own special brand of music and humour. I take a break and find the bar area well populated and the session going well. After the concert most people take a bit of a break but the kitchen is still going strong, running low on some things but definitely not on crisps which were still in the cupboard and not on display! Miss the teatime singaround and the Dave & Anni Chance to Meet - too busy sorting out the last customers before closing time. Finally finish clearing up, close and take rolls and cakes to bar. Load car. Grab 10 minutes at home for a cup of coffee with feet up (well, it was hailing at the time) before walking back to have fun.

Catch Dave & Anni in the Folk Club - they even get the Chester audience singing - and then go for a dance or two to the feet-tapping sounds of Captain Swing. Numbers dwindling in the ceilidh by now - it is after 10.45 - so they bring the dance to a close with a vigorous Circassian Circle. Back to the Folk Club for Last Night's Fun - managing to find a seat - and thoroughly enjoy all their encores. After a last chat, gather up guests staying with us and set off for a cuppa and a final drink before bed. An excellent, if exhausting, day!

Some scenes from the Concert:

Last Night's Fun Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
The Time Bandits and last but not least - the audience

From Chester Evening Leader - Thursday March 21st 2002

The bar was busy all day

The Time Bandits enjoying the session

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